“You fail only if you stop writing.”   —Ray Bradbury

The TWA Critique group will resume on a trial basis via video call, starting Wednesday, April 8. 

If this goes well, we’ll consider resuming the monthly speakers, etc. This first round will be a trial. 

Here’s how it will work: 

  1. Download and critique submissions in advance, like always. 
  2. We’ll host a test session on Tuesday, April 7 for anyone who wants to test run their equipment. (See FAQs). 
  3. On Wednesday, April 8, at 6:15, connect via video call to share your critiques. The meeting will start at 6:30. 
  4. Email your comments directly to the author after the critique. The author’s email address will be included in their submission. 

How to connect on Wednesday

  1. At 6:15, click this link: https://zoom.us/j/250670667
  2. Your system may ask you to open or download the Zoom program. Say yes. 
  3. You’ll be presented with a screen of phone numbers like this: 
  4. Here’s where you have an option.
    1. If you have an excellent internet signal and you are secure in your computer’s microphone and speaker ability, click on the “Computer Audio” option. 
    2. If you are unsure, then use your phone to call in. This means you will do all of your audio via phone, and your computer will just be used for video. (This is what most people should choose.) 
      1. On your phone, dial one of those numbers (there are so many because there are so many users trying to access Zoom these days. Just pick one). 
      2. When prompted, enter the Meeting ID. 
      3. When prompted, enter the Participant ID. (Scroll down to view it.) If you can’t find it, press #. 
  5. You should now be connected to both video and audio. 

Some things you should know:

  • I may mute you. I have some admin controls that allow me to address issues as they arise. I’ll use them as needed to help the meeting succeed. 
  • This might not work for all people on all systems. In general, video calls require a decent internet connection, and updated browser, and a few other tech requirements. We are choosing one of the most flexible video call platforms to help ease this, and we’ll do our best to support you, but please be patient. This is best effort on our part. 
  • This might be lumpy. There may be errors. We’ll figure this out as we go. 


I want to try, but I might need help. 

Great! We will have a test session on Tuesday, April 7, at 6:30. Here is the link to join the test session: https://zoom.us/j/250121555. Bob Becksted and I will be on to troubleshoot individually. We will NOT plan to provide individual troubleshooting on Wednesday, so if you need one-on-one support, please join the Tuesday session. 

I am having problems with my system and can’t get it to work. 

Bob Becksted will help as tech support as much as possible. If you’re stuck, call (727) 437-2325. Please oh please, if you are not certain of your system, join the Tuesday test session. This is when we will be providing tech support. If you wait until Wednesday and then have issues, we may not be able to get to you. 

Can I mail my critiques to the author? 

No. We are not providing home addresses of the authors. Please send your comments via email. 

I hate technology and I don’t want to do this. 

That’s okay. You are welcome to download the submissions and email your comments directly to the author. No need to attempt the video call. Or, you can wait for the live group to resume. 

Is this free? 

Using the Zoom software to join this call is free. TWA is paying for a Zoom Pro membership to make this work. Your annual dues are covering this cost. Thanks for being a member and making this possible! 

What other questions do you have?

Email them to info@aksnyderbooks.com. 

Thanks for your patience as we work through the lumps in the process! Looking forward to seeing you all.