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Carrollwood Barnes and Noble
11802 Dale Mabry Highway,
Tampa, FL 33618.

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This Month’s speaker

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On Wednesday, March 4, Sandra Kischuk, writer, editor, book-builder and long-time TWA-member (since 2003), will provide a comprehensive “toolkit” of essentials for writers:

  • Document set-up rules to keep your work out of the “failed-first-glance” circular file
  • Beating writers block
  • How to find free and inexpensive software to help you get your work done — how to negotiate the best deal
  • Where to get writing gigs;
  • Tips and tricks to save you time;
  • Selecting your team (editor, agent, publisher)
  • Promotion options
  • How to protect your work and your pocketbook
  • Writers Workshops
  • And whatever other questions YOU would like to address!!!

Writing is not known as a particularly lucrative career . . . unless you hit bestseller status. Living well is not just a matter of how much money you bring in, but also a matter of how much you spend. And there are a lot of people out there who will help you empty your pockets and get your book published for far more than you should be paying. And yes, she will bring handouts.



NaNoWriMo (the organizers of National Novel Writing Month), Storybundle.com and several internationally bestselling authors have teamed up to offer twelve great books on the business of writing, honing your craft, and selling your books. Authors include Kevin J. Anderson, Dave Farland, Brandon Sanderson and more.

All twelve books are available in eBook format at storybundle.com/nano through the end of November. You can name your own price for the first six books, or pay $15 and get all of them. The books are DRM free, and can be read on any e-device.


Unsnarling Social Media to Drive Book Sales
–Sandra Kischuk [sandra_writer@verizon.net]

Whether you publish traditionally or self-publish, book promotion is critical to generating sales. Period.

Self-publishing is a given. You either do everything yourself, or you pay someone else to do those things you don’t know how to do or don’t want to do. At least, with self-publishing (IF you select the right publisher), you have higher margin to offset those costs if your book sells . . . but it’s easy to turn your book unprofitable by:
1.not spending enough time or money to make sure the book is of a quality that ensures repeat or word-of-mouth sales (and once a reader has been burned by a crappy-quality first book, you have lost that reader);
2. not spending enough time or money promoting it (no one knows about it); or
3.sinking too much money into services from people who promise everything, but don’t actually know what they are doing except collecting money.
4.picking a publisher who demands exorbitant upfront costs to deliver a large number of books which you don’t dare keep in your garage because this is Florida and the heat and humidity will turn your inventory into a mass of black mold which will creep into your house and consume any organic matter it can find . . . usually while you are asleep having nightmares about where you are going to park your car for the next six months.

Traditional publishers today seldom offer substantial advances . . . and when proffered, expect the author to spend any paltry advance paid on book promotion. The advance then goes against whatever royalties the book might earn; i.e., you don’t get any royalties until the advance has been “paid back.” At the “pennies on the dollar” you earn with traditional publishing, earning back that advance is going to take a while.

In reality, part of the “package” you will need to present to the traditional publisher (in addition to query letter, synopsis, and other directly book-related materials the publisher requests) includes the marketing platform you have already implemented! And your future marketing plans. The publisher is NOT going to promote your book . . . at least not to the extent required to build noteworthy sales.

Just as books have gone digital over the past decade, so has marketing. The sheer volume of information we receive electronically is daunting, especially once we move beyond email to Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, blogging, and Tumblr (microblogging). Is the list complete? Hardly.

Each technology platform is a whole new language, one that can be powerful tool . . . or a crippling consumer of your valuable time. I won’t say I have the answer on this one. Which is why I invited Carole Sanek to be our speaker this month.



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General Meeting @ Barnes & Noble N. Dale Mabry
Mar 4 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Executive Committee Meeting 9:00 pm
Executive Committee Meeting @ Barnes & Noble N. Dale Mabry
Mar 4 @ 9:00 pm – 9:45 pm
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