“You fail only if you stop writing.”   —Ray Bradbury

Congratulations to the 2019 Officers!

Executive Committee:

  • President: Annette Masters
  • Vice President: Kim Hackett
  • Secretary: Tom Stahl
  • Treasure: Sarah Graves

Members at Large:

  • Marggie Rassler
  • Alane Obeso
  • Alycea Snyder

February Speaker: Lorin Oberweger

Like I Care: Five Elements that Create Unforgettable Fiction

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019, 6:30 – 8:30 pm.
Barnes and Noble, Carrolwood (Meeting room in the back of the store)

It’s unlikely you’ll ever hear a reader say, “Oh, I just loved that first act turning point!” Instead, she’ll enthuse over characters she loved, the beauty of your language, or the feeling of simply HAVING to keep turning the page. Though a satisfying, propulsive plot is important, it’s not the most critical element in creating reader anticipation and investment in one’s work.

In this workshop, we’ll study those elements that DO create excitement and involvement in the reader—and in the hearts of industry gatekeepers: agents and editors who have seen and read it all.

Please bring along your novel or memoir’s first scene—no more than five pages. We’ll work individually and in groups to analyze your work for those critical elements and empower you to take the knowledge you gain and apply it to ALL the scenes of your work of fiction or creative nonfiction.

Lorin Oberweger

Lorin Oberweger is a highly sought-after independent book editor and ghostwriter with more than twenty-five years experience in publishing. Her company, Free Expressions, offers writing workshops nationwide, and she’s known for her one-on-one story mastermind weekends.

An award-winning author, Lorin had six traditionally published books (four fiction, two nonfiction), including BOOMERANG, REBOUND, and BOUNCE, published by Harper/William Morrow. Her work has also appeared in well over one-hundred periodicals, and her ghostwritten books, commissioned by major publishers, have received glowing notices from the New York Times and Kirkus Reviews.

She has also joined Adams Literary as an agent and is growing her list.

She can be contacted at lorin@free-expressions.com.