“You fail only if you stop writing.” Ray Bradbury

Tampa Writers Alliance Meeting November 1, 2017

First Page Critiques! Bring your first page of a story or book you are writing and shoot for the stars.

Come join us!  

Our wonderful critique moderator, Annette Masters, will lead the group on November 1, 2017. Please, bring twenty copies of the first page of your story or novel with your Name, Title and Genre at the top of the page. One page, with 250 words or less and double space, Times New Roman. We will have as many First Page Critiques as time allows. Below, some ideas to polish your first pages. Shoot for the stars! 



 Annette Masters is a former teacher with specialties in exceptional student education and children’s literature. She and her husband own and operate Main Street Animal Hospital and Grantasama Farms. When not reading and writing, Annette serves as the critique group moderator for TWA, travels the horse show circuit with her daughters, cuddles her dachshunds and keeps her chickens happy. 

                                                      FIRST PAGE HELP … SHOOT FOR THE STARS 

               1. Establish the tone, mood and voice. 2. Lock in the genre. 3. Reveal the time frame for the story. 4. Reveal the setting. Can the reader see it? Taste it? Hear it? Feel it?

5. Introduce a character the reader will be interested in following. Have you revealed the character’s core? 6. Hook the reader. (Reader could be hooked by storyline or character or even language.)

7. Write a powerful first line that draws reader in. 8. Set up questions the reader will want to find answers for. 9. Establish the pace the reader can expect throughout. 10. Choose and use a consistent Point of View. 11. Use vivid verbs. 12. Create tension.


                How many stars can your first page earn?    


Thanks, Kim Hackett, for compiling this list.