“You fail only if you stop writing.” Ray Bradbury

Tampa Writers Alliance Meeting October 4, 2017

Four Speakers … Three Subjects … An Agent Speaks About Her Literary Agency, A Writer Shares The Importance of Writers Conferences And Two TWA Members Will Talk About Their Experiences With Self-Publishing.

Come join us!  




A Literary Angent Speaks

Sharon Belcastro is the senior agent for Belcastro Agency, a full-service, indie literary agency representing authors writing in most genres. A passionate, hands-on, editorially-focused agency. The Belcastro agency works closely with their writers in developing manuscripts and proposals for submission. The agency works hand in hand with our authors to develop lasting careers through social media strategies, and promotional assistance. Sharon Belcastro will give us information about what her agency looks for in a submission and what it is they love to publish.




On Writers Conferences

Diana Wilson Lund has been writing since she was a teenager. Now Diana spends her time writing fiction, specifically novellas. In the past four years she has attended multiple writers conferences, joined and attended writers groups (free and paid), had a writing partner, belonged to the North Carolina Writers Association and attended its Wonderland Book Club for writers and currently is a member of Florida Writers Association. All this Diana has experienced in her pursuit of learning the craft of writing. Diana speaks about the importance of attending writers conferences. She will share valuable lessons she has learned along the way to help writers get the most our of their valuable time and money as they attend these conferences.

On Self-Publishing

Janelle Gabay is the author of the First Born Books Trilogy, Guardians of Dare Chronicles. Her books, First Born and First Awakened, are fantasy fiction with sprinkles of science fiction, romance, thriller, and walking dead. Her book, First Born, was awarded the Mom’s Choice Award and the New Apple Literary Award. Janelle is an active member of Tampa Writers Alliance and supporter of the Florida Writers Association. She will speak about what she has learned in her experiences with self-publishing and marketing.


Cassie M. Newell is a member of Tampa Writers Alliance. She writes under the pen name Mira Monroe. She is an award-winning self-published YA fiction author. Her debut novel, Magick, in the Unwanted Series, won the 2016 New Apple Book Award Medallion under the eBook category for Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror. Cassie is wrapping up the second book, Reign, to her Unwanted Series to be self-published soon. Cassie will share what has been most helpful in her adventure with self-publishing.