“You fail only if you stop writing.”   —Ray Bradbury

No meeting July 4th, 2018! 

Wednesday, August 1st: Writing Prompts Can Save Your Story!



Join us Wednesday, August 1st at 7:00 p.m. at the Carrollwood Barnes and Noble

We will discuss how integrating prompts into your writing routine will enhance your writing skills and improve your current writing project. This interactive workshop will show writers how to use prompts to solve more problems than writer’s block.
Writers can employ prompts to:
  • Strengthen plot structure
  • Find a character’s voice
  • Keep mood and tone consistent
  • Increase descriptions of setting
  • Master writing techniques
  • Improve the use of literary devices
  • Heighten reader emotion with narrative
  • Develop deep POV and eliminate POV shifts
  • Enrich character development and character arcs
  • Discover how to create prompts that solve specific problems within individual projects