Flash Fiction imageHave you got a flash fiction concept gnawing at you, desperate to come out and frighten us all? If so, then November 1 is your night to let it roam free–courtesy of a flash fiction contest where winning means you’ve struck fear into the hearts of judges and hapless readers alike!
The Rules:
  • A strict 700-word limit
  • Scare us! 
  • No graphic sexual violence, gore or anything gratuitous. We want to hear that dismembered heart beating beneath the floorboards, not actually see it being removed from its original owner!
  • All submissions must be sent to critique@tampawriters.org by Saturday, October 28 at the stroke of midnight
  • First, second and third place winners will receive… something! We haven’t figured that out yet! Get off our backs!
  • Judging will be conducted 100% subjectively by the attendees, via secret email ballot to the President
  • One submission per member
Join TWA for an event so scary, no speaker dares attend!