The Gulf by Marc J. Yacht

The Gulf

October 25, 2018

Marc J. Yacht


Pristine and then discovered

They looked for gold

There was none

But there were soaring birds.


Giant Frigates and plumed Egrets

Graceful cranes and the Cormorant

Pink Flamingos and white Ibises

Lovely spoonbills and snipes


Oh, those feathers

So lovely in hats

A lady’s fashion for the Avenue

And they took them and took them.


Leaping Tarpons, can’t eat them

But so graceful in the water

Silver shiny jewels of the sea

And they took them and took them.


In the marshes, black gold

Filthy, fouling the air, waters and land

And they dug and they drilled

On the land and in the sea, they took it.


Then Fedders AC paved the way

Cooled air invited the developers

Sea walls went up destroying the mangroves

And they built and they built.


Industry joined the neighborhood

Uncontrolled deadly effluent

Filled the gulf and the bays

And it flowed and it flowed.


But Eden fought back

Deadly hurricanes gave their warning

Structures and carpetbaggers felt the wrath

And they blew and they blew.


In time man’s folly will be rewarded

And Nature will reclaim its own.