Red Clay Pottery by Irena Vladi May

Mud and rain I remember well
Clay stuck in my shoe from puddle to puddle
Like a dear friend along it follows
From the dirt roads of my childhood in a cuddle

Beside the river banks I walk alone
Telling the river all the secrets I’ve brought
I see it run and feel it’s soothing melodies
While working on my creations in my favorite spot

Beside the river banks you’ll find me
Working with clay in the dirt
Making little vases to put flowers in
In a very worn, washed out colored skirt

In the river bed my thoughts I send traveling
Running along downstream for places unknown
Beautiful, mysterious but also full of pleasure
While high up in the sky, my young heart has flown

In the river bed my dreams float unrestricted
Throughout the seasons the warm and the cold
“Girls obey all orders” rings back in my head
But never will this girl, do what she is told

My hardworking hands paint walls in pretty colors
I leave art in the streets, so plain, as I walk by
The shoe marks of clay, a gift I leave behind
Are precious pottery, I made for you and I

On the wooden bridge, my young footprints are clear
The echo, of the noise I made, through willows rushing by
Times fly, the footsteps are forgotten
But memories I made there, will never die

The pottery I made along the unreasting river
I baked with care and love in the old wooden stove
The memories engraved will be upon my pages
Holding each precious moment, like fresh flowers of clove