How Did It Start?

How did it start
This scribbling of rhyme?
What brought it on
This waster of time?

Arrrgh! That voice!
That voice in my head!
Spitting out rhymes!
I must write what it said!

I should be working,
Should be earning some dough!
Writing proposals ,
Working. but no…

I sit here enthralled
I’ve written a rhyme
I’m on top of the world!
But not I’ve not made a dime

So how did it start,
This strange fascination?
Obsessed by some thoughts
My little creation

Rhymes in my head
That pop up and shine
They won’t go away
Until put in a line

So I’ll write in my garret
(Air-conditioned and nice)
But working toward poverty
Sure has a price!

© Ken Clanton