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Nick Brown

Larry Hires

book info

Sovereign Immunity (Suspense, action and drama)The Fairy Prince (spoof of classic fairy tales and a political satire set in medieval times)

JC Gatlin

Author of Mystery ~ Thriller ~ Suspense. JC’s website contains a comprehensive calender of Florida book festivals and writer’s events, a fascinating author history, and emotionally gripping book trailers.

 Sandra Kischuk

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, scripts, other people’s resumes. Editing. Cover design.
Book layout. HTML conversion.

Sharon Miner

Freelance Writer, Speaker.
Author of Beloved Horses Series, Young Reader Dog Books & Children’s Mystery Novels.

Amarilys Rassler (Marggie)

Poetry and prose.

Mark Taylor

Science Fiction, Paranormal, and Fantasy.

Kenyona R. Copeland

Kenyona is the author of Sword Of Love: A Parisian Love, YA Suspense, romance, fiction, and non-fiction. She is a blogger at