PEACE AND PRIDE by Katie Gertz


This is a tune
‘Bout the sun and the moon,
Who once shared the sky
Midnight to afternoon.

They dazzled the town
As they rose and laid down.
No candles were needed
With those two around.

But with sunshine’s bright glare
Incessant in the air,
The moon had some trouble;
No one listened ’round there.

The oblivious sun,
Beaming all in good fun,
Noticed too late to protest
Her companion was gone.

The moon made her peace
As the beacon of sleep,
Of music, and lovers,
And counting of sheep.

The sun kept her pride,
Choosing what lived or died,
But come morning, the dew
Proved that each night, she cried.

No one told me
I’d feel pain
From things I’d lost
But never knew I’d gained.

No one told me
You could tame
The things I hated
But never named.