My New Beard by Ken Clanton

I’ve grown this new stuff on my face

It grew from a place without trace

Right now resembling torn lace

Or some expectorated waste


It hangs there silent, gray and dull

From follicles once daily shorn

Unlike the stuff atop my skull

The longest beard I’ve ever worn


No routine shave but I should mention

It does require detailed attention

Trimming edges of mustache

Hope I don’t give lip a gash


Must learn to deal with facial hair

As food gets lodged within its lair

Instead of napkin front to back

Could leave it there for future snack


Most of life I shaved face clean

Didn’t follow faddish lean

Now I’m filling time and place

Getting used to fuzzy face


Find I’m giving beard a stroke

As I let it grow for broke

To satisfy my lady’s whim

Leading me to write this po-em


(c)  2018