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TWA Nonfiction Group

Location:  Carrollwood Barnes & Noble, 11802 Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33618
Time:  REGULAR meetings are on the THIRD Wednesday of each month, at 7:30PM. Alternative and/or additional meeting times and places will be determined as we go along, and announced here and at meetings.
Format: Please limit submissions to 2500 words or less, for now, and follow the guidelines below.

The TWA Nonfiction Group welcomes writers of all skill levels. non-fiction genres and formats. We may form genre subgroups in the future as participation dictates.

Our goal is to help improve each other’s writing and promote clear, interesting and involving non-fiction writing. We encourage exploration of and experimentation with different techniques and approaches, while keeping the reader’s experience in mind. Writers receive both written and verbal feedback on their manuscripts. Our critiquing format promotes in-depth analysis and encouraging the writer. Our golden rule, adapted from naval guidance on handling LST’s, is “Find out what direction(s) the writer wants to go in, then help him/her/them get there.” Best of all, we have fun in the process. While you are welcome to submit your work to the FICTION Critique Group, and to use storytelling techniques in your non-fiction, experience has taught us that a dedicated non-fiction critique group may be more productive.


If your submission is scheduled and you either cannot make it or will be late, please email the group’s moderator at
Please arrive on time.  It is polite.

Send submissions for review to:

Please read the guidelines below.

To download the latest submissions:
Please visit the downloads page

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For all submissions, the Nonfiction Group moderator has the final editorial discretion regarding the length of the submission as posted for downloading as well as the timing of its review by the group (regardless of its submit date).   Direct any questions regarding this policy to

NOTE: We do not archive submitted writing for privacy and space reasons.

Please follow these guidelines:

Submissions should be in RTF format, line numbered, with a small explanation at the top explaining what the piece is about.  See our critique group member page for downloading submissions to review at our next meeting.

  1. On first page of text, drop down to about one third down the page to allow room for reviewers comments.
  2. Add a header. This is found under the ‘insert’ tab across the top or bottom of your page. Click ‘insert’ and choices will appear. Click ‘header’ and style choices will appear. Any style of header is fine. Type the title and the author’s name.
  3. Line numbers. This is found under the tab for ‘page layout’.
  4. Font size. Please select 12 as the font size. This is the industry standard. Double space lines. This is in the ‘paragraph’ section next to ‘font’.
  5. Page numbers. This is found under ‘insert’ tab, near the header choice. Again, any style is fine. After doing all that, hit ‘save as’… two boxes appear near bottom. one says ‘save as type’. click the arrow for choices. scroll to rich text format and click on that.
It is the mission of this organization to encourage people to write. As such, as we work together, it is absolutely unacceptable for any member to suggest to other members that some people shouldn’t be writers, to take time away from writing, or do or say anything else detrimental to our mission of encouraging people to write.  Whether poking holes in a ball of clay or sculpting the statue of David, everyone has a place at our table.